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  • Company Introduction

    Jiangsu Qiancheng Industrial Packaging Co.,Ltd(Abbr.QCPAC), was founded in 1984 (its predecessor-Wuxi Nanzhan Trading warehouse) and headquartered in Wuxi, one of "Top Ten Cities with most economic vitality in China". It has established factories and raw materials bases in Wuxi, Suzhou Suqian and Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, and in Guangde and Lu'an of An'hui Province. In addition, operation network and managerment centers of recycling packaging have been established in Shanghai, Changzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Dalian, Changsha, Fuzhou and Dongguan.

    QCPAC, a leading enterprise in the field of industrial packaging in China, specializes in packaging products, which include pallet, wooden box, steel side box, carton, special packaging, recycling packaging, etc and auxiliary materials of packaging and it's also committed to providing with "one-stop" complete packaging solutions (CPS) of industrial packaging including packaging consultation and assessment, packaging design and sampling, packaging test, storage and logistics, on-site packaging and packaging recycling management, etc.

    QCPAC advocates packaging standardization and reduction. Over the years, more than twenty items on participating in drawing up and revising pallet standards and national packaging standards and industry standards, the company is first drafting unit in a number of standard. The company actively leads the industrial upgrading, with several pallet automated production lines imported from Europe, and the EPAL production ranks first in the country. The company has rich experience in the storage and transportation, stereo-storage pallet and other products, technical level.

    High quality products and professional service provided by QCPAC have consistently won the affirmation including GE, SIEMENS, CAT, ABB, and many other international customers, and continuously improved the efficiency of logistics and reduced logistics cost for the customer, making own contribution to realizing green logistics and building resource-saving society.

    QCPAC creates a golden future with you!



  • Company Culture

    Company Vision: 

    Environmental friendly Packaging Global Sharing

    Corporate MIssion: 

    Take cost lowering and eficiency improvement of global users as our mission; Bost modem logistics and reserve more forests; Offer a better life to Qiancheng family members! 

    Corporate Values:

    Customer value: customer first,service foremost

    Product value: profession, safety,green and continual improvement

    Talents value: morality-oriented,profession enhancement,caring and respect,solidarity and cooperation

    Career value: forging ahead with honesty and blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit 

    Creating values and making business forever: As Qiancheng staff, we focus on customers.Value creation as foundation,solidarity and cooperation to win.

    Furit tree philosophy:  

    The company is like a fruit tree, employees, suppliers and customers are the diligent gardeners. It can be a great tree with a lot of fruit under the protectioon from all society members. Qiancheng should aim at serve all people and take more social responsibility.

    Environmental protection declaration of Qiancheng:

    We advocate packaging standardization and reduction, we adopt fast-growing and high-yield forests, we are devoted to promotion of circulation packaging, we save resources and care about environment. 

  • Development Process

    【2016】In June, QCPAC was elected the unit of vice chairman in the international strategic alliance of unitized logistics enterprise. In November, it won the No.1 annual best EPAL manufacturer.

    【2014】Qiancheng corporate entrepreneurship 30th anniversary.

    【2013】In January, Wuxi Qiancheng Paper Packaging Co.,Ltd was completed and put into production; Qiancheng Packaging Testing Center have won the approval of the National Laboratory. In June, QCPAC obtains the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of forest products' chain of custody.

    【2012】In January, Liu'an Qiancheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd had founded and was put into operation; In May, An'hui Qiancheng Industrial Packaging Co., Ltd had founded and was put into operation. In September, Qiancheng Packaging has the honour to win "Faith Enterprise of China Quality".

    【2011】In January, it was designated by China Packaging Federation as the "Experimental Base of Wood Packaging Industry of China". In May, Qiancheng is regarded as the "pilot unit of saving and replacing wood for mechanical and electrical products packaging" by the Ministry of industry and information.

    【2009】In January, it obtained the Quality License of Packaging Containers of Hazardous Export Goods; In April, Qiancheng Inspection Center of Packaging Testing passed the certification of ISTA; In July, it passed the certification of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; In November, it was designated by Asia Pallet System Federation and China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing as one of the "China Ten Star Pallet Manufacturing Enterprises".

    【2008】In April, Qiancheng Inspection Center of Packaging Testing became inspection station of National Quality Inspection and Test Center of Light Industry Packaging Products; In May, it obtained Production License of European Standard Pallets; Invested for the establishment of Guangde Qiancheng Dongsheng Eco-forestry Co., Ltd and opened up virgin land for forestation.

    【2007】In May, Siyang Qiancheng Wood Co., Ltd. had founded and was put into operation; In December, Qiancehng trademark was identified as "Famous Trademark of Jiangsu Province".

    【2006】In June, Qiancheng Packaging Test Center was put into operation; In September, Guangde Qiancheng Wood packaging Co., Ltd. was established.

    【2004】In December, it was identified by State Forestry Administration, P.R.C. as the "esignated processing enterprise of panel processing of timber with pine wood nematode disease".

    【1997】Wuxi Nanzhan Timber Company Qiancheng Packaging Factory was established.

    【1995】In June, it applied for "Qiancheng" trademark and logo.

    【1984】In August, company's predecessor-Wuxi Nanzhan-An'hui Guangde Lianying Trading Warehouse was established.

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