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Company Vision: 

Environmental friendly Packaging Global Sharing

Corporate MIssion: 

Take cost lowering and eficiency improvement of global users as our mission; Bost modem logistics and reserve more forests; Offer a better life to Qiancheng family members! 

Corporate Values:

Customer value: customer first,service foremost

Product value: profession, safety,green and continual improvement

Talents value: morality-oriented,profession enhancement,caring and respect,solidarity and cooperation

Career value: forging ahead with honesty and blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit 

Creating values and making business forever: As Qiancheng staff, we focus on customers.Value creation as foundation,solidarity and cooperation to win.

Furit tree philosophy:  

The company is like a fruit tree, employees, suppliers and customers are the diligent gardeners. It can be a great tree with a lot of fruit under the protectioon from all society members. Qiancheng should aim at serve all people and take more social responsibility.

Environmental protection declaration of Qiancheng:

We advocate packaging standardization and reduction, we adopt fast-growing and high-yield forests, we are devoted to promotion of circulation packaging, we save resources and care about environment. 

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