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【2016】In June, QCPAC was elected the unit of vice chairman in the international strategic alliance of unitized logistics enterprise. In November, it won the No.1 annual best EPAL manufacturer.

【2014】Qiancheng corporate entrepreneurship 30th anniversary.

【2013】In January, Wuxi Qiancheng Paper Packaging Co.,Ltd was completed and put into production; Qiancheng Packaging Testing Center have won the approval of the National Laboratory. In June, QCPAC obtains the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification of forest products' chain of custody.

【2012】In January, Liu'an Qiancheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd had founded and was put into operation; In May, An'hui Qiancheng Industrial Packaging Co., Ltd had founded and was put into operation. In September, Qiancheng Packaging has the honour to win "Faith Enterprise of China Quality".

【2011】In January, it was designated by China Packaging Federation as the "Experimental Base of Wood Packaging Industry of China". In May, Qiancheng is regarded as the "pilot unit of saving and replacing wood for mechanical and electrical products packaging" by the Ministry of industry and information.

【2009】In January, it obtained the Quality License of Packaging Containers of Hazardous Export Goods; In April, Qiancheng Inspection Center of Packaging Testing passed the certification of ISTA; In July, it passed the certification of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System; In November, it was designated by Asia Pallet System Federation and China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing as one of the "China Ten Star Pallet Manufacturing Enterprises".

【2008】In April, Qiancheng Inspection Center of Packaging Testing became inspection station of National Quality Inspection and Test Center of Light Industry Packaging Products; In May, it obtained Production License of European Standard Pallets; Invested for the establishment of Guangde Qiancheng Dongsheng Eco-forestry Co., Ltd and opened up virgin land for forestation.

【2007】In May, Siyang Qiancheng Wood Co., Ltd. had founded and was put into operation; In December, Qiancehng trademark was identified as "Famous Trademark of Jiangsu Province".

【2006】In June, Qiancheng Packaging Test Center was put into operation; In September, Guangde Qiancheng Wood packaging Co., Ltd. was established.

【2004】In December, it was identified by State Forestry Administration, P.R.C. as the "esignated processing enterprise of panel processing of timber with pine wood nematode disease".

【1997】Wuxi Nanzhan Timber Company Qiancheng Packaging Factory was established.

【1995】In June, it applied for "Qiancheng" trademark and logo.

【1984】In August, company's predecessor-Wuxi Nanzhan-An'hui Guangde Lianying Trading Warehouse was established.

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