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The correct use way of wood pallet

Date: 2019-01-15
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Correct using way of pallet: Stack packages on the pallet and then bundle up&wrap packages together with pallet. Like doing so, it is easy and convenient to load ,unload and warehousing.

一、Loading weight of pallet.

 Each pallet should be less than 2 ton. For safety, height of center of gravity of loaded products can’t exceed 2/3 of pallet width.

 二、Stack way of product on pallets 

Surface utilization rate can’t be less than 80%.

三、Fixing way .

Fix ways for loaded products on pallet have bundling, gluing, stretch wrapping and mixed using.

四、Protection and reinforcement of loaded products.

五、If it is not enough through adding fixing accessories, we can use some accessories of protection and reinforcement.

 Such as accessories made of paper, wood,plastic ,metal or other materials.

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