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International market request for commodity packaging

Date: 2019-01-15
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1. Easy to remember. Product name in package should be easy to understand, read remember.

2. Striking appearance. To make customers know everything from packaging appearance.

3. Simple printing: The printing of package should be simplified. The goods selling on supermarket should be attracted because it’s selected by customers themselves. As people walk through the product and pay attention on it, they would take the product off shelf and check. 

4. Credit. Package should completely reflect a good reputation of product, which make client increase the dependence on products by means of the package.

5. Wonderful color: Generally European like red and yellow.

   Most high-grade products selling in the supermarket adopt European popular color, such as elegant and near-white color.  

6. Regional trademark: There should be regional trademark and design, which makes people easier to recognize. 

7. Consciousness of environmental protection: Internationally it generally pays lots of attention on environmental protection.

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