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Inspection and quarantine system of wood packaging materials

Date: 2019-01-15
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In 2004 the international standard ISPM 15 was implemented and since then 905 companies have joined the Swedish wood packing program. Of the company categories covered today, 668 companies are authorized to produce wood packaging, 211 are authorized to treat wood packing material and 26 are authorized to repair wood packing material.

The rules are adapted to ISPM 15 “Guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade”.

Companies that are going to provide heat treatment have to apply for an authorization and undergo a technical verification and assessment. At the first assessment the initial technical investigation of kilns or other heat treatment facilities is made by SP Trätek, Swedish Institute for Wood Technology Research, in cooperation with the Swedish Plant Protection Service.

Heat treatment facilities are checked on a regular basis at least once a year. Inspectors of the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Divisions of inspections, carry out these controls.

Companies that are going to produce or repair wood packaging material also have to apply for authorization. An initial assessment will investigate the company’s production and internal control system. Approved producers are assessed regularly at a minimum of once per year.

Lists of approved Swedish companies are published on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture. These lists are updated continuously.

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