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The potential crisis of packaging industry

Date: 2019-01-15
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First of all,the blind transformation of the printing industry,packaging industrial market  imbalance.Packaging and printing are inseperable, But in recent years,due to the printing industrial in the development of contradictions,resulting in the printing industry. Packaging industry in trasition "boom" more and more intense.especially in the past two years,as popular rain. This caused some pressure on the development  of packaging industry.Some painting companies in the process of transition is completely blind not according to the rows and can be developed. just follow the transformation of the wind "after swing". The author to participate in the participant,the honor of seeing the thought experts.

Secondly,the development of personalized packaing, so that the part of the packaging business."dizzy head, unable to adapt to the packaging personalized." 2012 packaging suppliers will pay more attention to personalized packaging,tracking and transaction requirement and the latest labeling and code technique.concerned about insterests of consumer and new packaging requirement and packaging  buyers.

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