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Sturdy and durable timber

Date: 2019-01-15
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As commonly used in the industry of shipping containers, wooden boxes are made from local materials, easy to make, light weight, high strength, good durability and a series of performance. For meeting the requirements of customers, company promotes service of wooden box customized, which is widely used in lots of fields especially the package of large or medium machinery. So Zhi Rong package corporation will hit a new peak in sales.It is made of galvanized steel with special structure of tongue-type latches, Panel combinations of six composite panels, collapsible, removable composite Board wooden boxes, connectors for drawing green galvanized steel strip and tongue-type fastener.

Box-custom plates are artificial compound formed of multilayered plywood, far more bearing than wood to ensure packaging quality durable, full protection of cargo safely inside the box, which is bright and clean, smooth appearance, rugged, low cost, capacity, not afraid of Sun, without fear of rain, no borers and other features.

Products are widely used in logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramics and building materials, hardware appliances, precision instruments, perishable goods and oversized goods industries such as transport and packaging of the product.

Composite wooden materials in line with export and quarantine requirements, avoid the hassle of quarantine fumigation, applicable to international distance logistics, high temperature pressing technology completely remove any harmful biological substances.

The export fumigation, quarantine, customs inspection, can be declared with no wood packaging for export clearance for export inspection-free products, you can import smooth customs clearance.

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