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Comparison of different materials

Date: 2019-01-15
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First, solid wood cases 

It is made of solid wooden box. It provides the following benefits: substantial, simple, strong, puncture-resistant ability collectible, its transport packaging of industrial products has been widely used.

The shortcoming: It gets poor seal. Wood, sealing the cracks, rain must be applied within the tar paper or plastic bags. Its buffering performance. There is no flexibility, shock seismic capacity of very poor. High cost, difficult, countries needed to develop new packaging material.

Second, plastic boxes 

It was made of plastic diecast from strength less than solid wood panel above the corrugated, the advantage is also evident is that it is easy to clean, reusable, particularly suitable for beer, goods for transport packaging to be recycled bottles, but, of course, because plastic products, brittle, easily renewable and polluting, began to receive an increasing number of restrictions.

Third, plywood boxes

Corrugated Board is made of corrugated paper core surface of paper glued together. According to their paper for corrugated board and the central core paper layer can be divided into oneside corrugated board (three layer), double corrugated, more and more boards are thicker and stronger. It is characterized by light weight, have a certain cushioning performance, rich resources and cheap, easy recycling waste disposal, smooth surface, easy to print text, trademarks.

But it also has the drawback of not carrying too heavy of goods, cardboard box cardboard is soft inside and outside the box bigger is soft, so it also restricted the size of the box. Resistance to bending of corrugated board in different, much better horizontal than vertical, transverse flexural bending strength is 29 times, bottom in the stacking of corrugated cardboard boxes are deformed expansion.

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