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Packaging Test

Our Packaging Test Center provides our clients with services related to packaging products and are in a position to issue third-party testing report.

ISO standard, ISTA standard, national standards or standards designated by the clients are introduced to conduct transport package tests over packing containers, pallets, unit packaging, etc, including meteorological environment, dropping, declivitous impact, vibration, stacking and compression resistance as well as test items such as mechanical performance measurement to packaging materials and containers.

Packaging test items: freefalling, material testing, random vibration, constant temperature and humidity and declivitous impact.

Transport packaging :

• Random Vibration

• Fixed-frequency vibration 

• Stacking test

• Inclined Plane Impact

• Free-drop test

• Press test

• Environmental Test

• ISTA 1 series test

• ISTA 2 series test

•ISTA 3 series test

Transport flat pallet :

• Corner drop test

• Bottom planking deflection

• Wing pallet deflection measuring

• Bending test

• Stacking test

Wooden material/plywood :

• Test formaldehyde content of plywood

• Wood/plywood bending flexibility modulus determination

• Wood/plywood flexural strengh determination

• Wood density determination

• Moisture of wood determination

Corrugated cardboard :

• Puncture strength

• Bursting strength 

• Peel (adhesive) strength

• Side pressure strength 

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