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QCPAC has passed the certification from forest products Chain of Custody (COC) of Forest Stewardship Council (FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL, abbreviation: FSC), purchasing lumber from the world's major timber producing areas, and being rich in timber reserves.

QCPAC has rich production experience in export packaging products, professional providing wooden pallets, wooden boxes, pallet collar, steel side box, heavy cartons, special packaging and other packaging products and various auxiliary materials of packaging.

QCPAC, a leading enterprise in the field of industrial packaging in china, as the wood packaging(test) base identified by China Packaging Federation, actively explores the industrial ugprading. With several automated production lines of pallet, pallet collar and steel side box, it provides adequate supply capacity for more customers.



Wooden pallets:

National demonstration base of wood pallet production, the best manufacturer of Euro pallet, Several automatic pallet production lines are imported, ensuring product quality and reliable delivery.


Wooden boxes:

Wooden boxes, widely used frequently used as transport packaging containers, are easy to make and characteristic of high strength and widely used in packaging for large and medium-sized mechanical products and heavy products.


Steel-profile cases:

Steel-profile cases are containers made of plywood panel for packaging use and jointed with galvanized steel strip as connecting pieces, featuring light weight, high strength and easy disassembly, which are applicable to such sectors as communication apparatus, mechanical equipments, medical care solar energy, auto parts, logistics, etc.


Heavy duty cartons:

Heavy duty cartons light in weight, high in strength, easy for machine-shaping, storage and transport, recycling, regeneration and utilization; reliable printability and low cost; applicable to packaging for sales and transport of electronic products, solar energy, industrial devices, staionary commodities.


Special packaging:

Special box is composed of 6 high-quality panels and connected with high strength steel tongue. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. Recycling use. It is suitable for logistics, machinery, electronics, hardware etc.


Packaging accessories:

Adhering to the principle of 'Putting Customers' Interest First', Qiancheng has provided customers with packaging accessories with the highest performance-price ratio with its outstanding supply network so as to lower their cost in packaging.


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