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China Pallet International Conference held in Wuxi

Date: 2013-04-19
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In the latest circumstance to economic development, how to realize logistics efficiency then achieve cost savings through the pallet. The Asian tray system alliance and the Chinese physical distribution and the purchase union tray specialized committee unites the sponsor in Wuxi “the seventh session of Chinese tray international conference” in fifth December. Pallet manufacturers, users and industry groups from Canada, the United States, Australia, Korea,the Netherlands and Italy in 15 countries and regions, more than 300 people, got together and witnessed the pallet industry innovations.

People quite unfamiliar with pallet’s position compared to container in logistic. When cargo circulate between producer, the distributor and the customer circulates, after the tray effective containerization scattered, which could enhance the efficiency and reduces the cost. As far as we know, as the retail enterprise chooses to rent pallets, they could save cost 20%-40% for true. The retail enterprise , which an annual sales amount to 50 million, needs 150 thousand pallet an average year, and makes the cost in 3-4 million. The pallet rent could save cost more than 1 million.

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